Holmes Right - No Refund When Holmes Magazine Stopped Publication

Hawkesbury, Ontario 1 comment
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I've tried to reach Mike Holmes 8 times now.I'm a senior citizen, a disabled lady.

I've been trying to get my unrefunded money back from him/his company ever since his magazine stopped publishing in 2011. I've written to his web site, his magazine site, the site of his magazine publisher (Dauphin Publishing) for almost 2 years now and still have not received my money back for the issues I did not receive, nor even a reply!! He has a new show on HGTV and I contacted HGTV who referred me to Mike Holmes' new web site. I've emailed there 3 times and never received a reply.

If there are others out there who are owed money from HOLMES ON HOMES magazines they did not receive, did they get refunds?If not, I think everyone should repeatedly contact makeitright.ca, his new web site and email address and if enough of us do it, maybe someone will answer.I'm really disappointed and angry not only that I did not receive my refund, but that no one ever replies!!!!

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I got the magazine for my husband.We got two issues and did not receive any more.

I contacted one of the editors and she told me they had not published since 2011. She was shocked that I had got any. I looked had the date on the magazines and they were - Dec 2011 and Nov 2011.

I paid for the subscription in 8/22/11.It would be nice even to get back issues.

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